Restaurant Owners Need Plan At Hand For Renovations When Time Is Right, Anton Kalafati Says

Anton KalafatiThe restaurant industry is inherently competitive. Owners are all vying for the patronage and money of a rather small amount of consumers who, on average, eat out once or twice per week. That’s why it’s so important for the owners of these eateries to offer an up-to-date experience. Often, the best way to offer a contemporary dining experience is through remodeling the store itself. Sure, you can update the menu too, but that’s a topic for another day.

According to Anton Kalafati, hiring an all-inclusive contracting company is a budget-conscious venture that can keep everything on time and under-budget. That’s because Mr. Kalafati is the president of a Bay Area construction company that is known for its work in the commercial renovation and restaurant industry. Specifically, Anton Kalafati’s first-rate crews have carried out dramatic overhauls of apartment complexes, restaurants, bars and other business storefronts. Among the specialties of B Side Construction and Mr. Kalafati are window installation and storefront overhauls. With these tasks in mind, Anton Kalafati is here to offer insight into the styles of up-and-coming restaurants across the country.

According to The Los Angeles Times, there’s a $40 million renovation plan afoot to update the Music Center theater near Grand Park. The fact that the facility has been updated since 1964 is encouraging, according to Anton Kalafati who knows plenty about California’s architectural trends. As part of the $40 million price tag, a new wine bar and restaurant will be born out of the project and offer “multiple dining options at varying price points.” Sometimes, price points dictate aesthetics, says Mr. Kalafati, and it’s in cases like these that a well-rounded knowledge of construction trends comes in handy. It means that you can bring more to the drawing board and please a potential client.

In another recent article from the Times, $14 billion in overhauls to the Los Angeles International Airport has also allowed nearby restaurants and hotels to prosper. One worthy of note to sometimes finicky younger consumers is the Renaissance Hotel LAX, which boasts “new decor, live music and Studio 12, a whiskey and craft beer bar,” according to the article. According to Anton Kalafati, this is a perfect example of nearby businesses thriving allowing neighboring ones to succeed as well. In cases like this, he says that restaurant owners need to be prepared for such an opportunity to arise and have the funds available, as well as a contracting company in mind, to complete the work.